Frequently Asked Questions

There are few things you should look for while choosing a sliding door contractor any other contractor for that matter. They should have the right licencing, See their experience in the industry. Look at their google and other types of reviews. Get a referral from a previous customer if you can. See their previous work. Ask to see their certification. See if their employees are insured. 

The number of sliding door panels is more of a personal choice than an architectural choice. If you want to be able to control the width of the opening at various sizes having more than two panels can be a choice. Whereas having only twii panels can take away a lot of headache while installation, along with saving you money. Our experts can help you decide which is the best choice for you.

Yes, definitely. They have locks so you can lock the door at night. The material is made up of pretty string material, strong enough to take heavy impact without shattering. Patios are usually a safe place, however, if you need something more secure we can definitely arrange for the sort of door that provides you extra protection.

No, we can replace the glass without removing the whole frame, tracks or any other component. If simply call us, we take the necessary measurement then fix the glass to the existing frame.

Yes. They are good with insulation. Your house will stay warm or hot as you want it to be. A properly installed sliding door won’t let air escape out, outside air come in. Also you save money on lighting.

There are many types of frames. Some common ones are aluminium, steel, wooden, fiberglass etc. Just tell us what kind of frame you want and we will install it for you.

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