Sliding Door Glass Replacement Miami, FL

Very few people get to have sliding doors. They are expensive and do a great deal to increase the aesthetic value of your home. If you are fortunate enough to have sliding doors at your house, you know how they illuminate the interior with natural lighting.

They can decrease the electricity bills, make your living room look twice as beautiful and give you an unadulterated view of the outdoors. Kids and pets love sliding doors, they can easily come and go out with the sliding door, access the area and you can keep an eye on them as well. They look luxurious, however only if they are in best shape. If you have sliding doors in your house of business, you need to keep them in the best shape. If your sliding door glass is cracked, broken or damaged, you would want to replace it. By changing them immediately can keep your property secure and looking beautiful. You risk your security if you can see holes, or cracks on the sliding door glass. Storms, hailstones and other impacts can cause the glass of the sliding door to break.

If the frame where the sliding door slides is damges or distorted, tugging the door hard and in jerky motions can cause the sliding door to come apart and glass to break. Broken or cracked glass will allow air and dirt to come inside. It also reduces the energy efficiency of the house if you have a heating or cooling unit, maintaining the temperature of the house becomes difficult. We can provide an effective replacement for the glass of your sliding door.

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Call our expert to inspect the situation and see what type of glass be installed in place of the broken one. When the glass is broken the total sliding door panel doesn’t need replacement, only the glass will be measured and fixed into the frame. Miami Sliding Pros is an expert replacement company of sliding doors glasses. Call us for any of your sliding door glass replacements. We promise to replace the door glass with the best possible quality glass.

On average it costs 1500-2000 USD including door, installation and other accessories. There are few things that impact the cost of the sliding door. First is the removal of the old door. Removing the old door requires more than two people to safely remove the pane and jam it back. The next thing that influences the cost is whether you’re replacing the same or different size. If it’s the same, then it costs less. But if it’s of different size then there is more work to be done.

Yes, we can only replace the sliding glass if that is only needed. On an average it costs 200-800 usd depending upon the size and type of sliding door, whether its single pane or double pane.