Sliding Door Track Repair Miami, FL

Sliding doors do well and flood your house with natural light, let the outdoors in and even fresh air flow all over your building.

Since the track door tracks are important to your home’s architecture, you’ll want to make sure they function safely and efficiently. Most sliding doors get their tracks damaged either with time due to moisture, rust, temperature change or due to improper installation. The door needs to be removed from the frame to realign the door in tracks at the top and bottom of the frame. Making sure the top rollers are synchronized first, then “step” into position at the bottom of the ramp, moving the top of the screen door back onto the line.

The change screws at the top can have to be turned slightly to accommodate for rotation. Once the door is back in operation ensure that the screws are re-adjusted.

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All this process is not easy, and you need a company who has the right tool and experience to do it. Miami Sliding Pros can help you install, replace or replace the sliding door tracks.

If you’re having issues with the movement of the door but your roller is lubricated and in good shape, then it’s probably your track that needs the repair.

If the rollers need replacement or track is in need of repair, it can be fixed within 1-2 hours. But if the track needs replacement it may take 3-4 hours.